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Our Story is your Story

The real story of Rock Paper Stories is not about us, it’s about you. Discover how we create unique personalised books that put you at center stage.

Whether you’re young or old, big or small, if you’ve got an imagination, then Rock Paper Stories is for you.

Everybody has dreams, but not everybody is able to realise them. With Rock Paper Stories, your fantasy is our priority.

Simply choose the narrative you want, fill in a few personal details, then watch yourself become the star of your own unique tale.

our core beliefs

The Star

Rock Paper Stories is about making you the star of your very own customised tale. Be in a one of a kind beautifully made. A treasure for years to enjoy.

All Ages

We make books for all ages. Whether it’s fathers day or a birthday present, all generations can enjoy Rock Paper Stories.


Quality is the only word just as important as customised in our book. You can be sure the product you’re buying is premium.

Customise your dreams

Create your very own Rock Paper Story

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